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Rudra Solar Energy is the manufacturer of the Rudra Solar Cooker 2010.

Why solar cookers?

NUTRITION: Temperature controlled cooking retains vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Uncontrolled temperature on LPG/CNG or wood leads to loss of approx. 80% of food value.

TASTE: Solar cooking retains taste and flavor. Eating once one cannot forget the taste.

COMPLETE FOOD: Solar cooking completes organic reactions enhancing flavor, aroma and taste. Organic compounds strengthen our immune system and defend against bacteria and virus.

HEALTH: The home maker does not necessarily inhale poisonous gases which emit while cooking with LPG/CNG or firewood. Recent studies indicate that a food cooked at moderate temperatures is healthier.

ACCIDENT FREE: There are no chances of explosion or fire while using Solar Cooker. It is very dangerous for household families with infants to use LPG/CNG, wood or microwave oven, as they are highly accident prone.

ENVIRONMENT: If 3% of the population starts using solar cooker, millions of tons of wood and LPG/CNG can be saved annually correspondingly millions of tons of Carbon dioxide emission are reduced.

COST: Solar Cooker is cheaper than oven; running cost of Solar Cooker compared to LPG/CNG, kerosene or fire wood is virtually nil and is maintenance free.

COSMIC ENERGY: Solar cooked food is full of cosmic energies (life forces) which keeps you healthy and less stressed.

The Rudra’s solar cooker is aesthetic, convenient, and practical in use. It does not require frequent tracking; a general deterrent to solar cooking for people with inflexible work schedules is an important benefit that Rudra solar cooker provides.

The material utilized in Rudra solar cookers are carefully researched for the last two and a half years to maximize efficiency and are virtually maintenance free.

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Rudra Solar Energy
Manufacturer and Exporter of solar cooker, solar oven, solar hot air generator and solar dryer.

Corp. Off: H/2a, Swami Sharan Complex,
Near Ramwadi Bus Stop, Isanpur,
Ahmedabad-382443, Gujarat

Regd. Off:E/10, Kalpataru Soc., Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg,
Adajan, Surat-395009, Gujarat


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