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Rotary International

Rotary International supports solar cooking activities worldwide through many of their local Rotary Club branches. Matching grants for overseas integrated cooking projects (including solar cookers, fuel-efficient stoves, water pasteurizers, and heat-retained cookers) are available between two Rotary clubs. The first club is called the International Rotary Club. The second club is the host Rotary Club, which is outside the United States, such as in Rwanda or Mexico. Local clubs and the district they belong to, may also provide matching funds for projects in concert with Rotary International and the overseas club. It is only necessary for the host Rotary Club to come up with $100 minimum to demonstrate interest in hosting the project. Matching grants can only be provided for projects that have been proposed by Rotary Club members. Non-members can contact a Rotary member who will carry the project within the organization for obtaining matching grant funding from his or her Rotary Club.

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Rotary Club solar cooking display

Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants are awarded to fund large long-term international self-help and grassroots development projects that use an integrative approach to address humanitarian needs. An integrative approach incorporates multiple program components, including a combination of sustainable factors such as training, community participation, capital assets, and technical expertise from Rotarians and other sources.

3-H Grant awards range from US$100,000 to $300,000. A minimum of 10 percent of the total 3-H Grant award is required as a sponsor contribution from the cosponsoring Rotary clubs or districts.

Local Rotary Clubs involved in solar cooking promotion

Individuals involved in Rotary Club solar cooking projects

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