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Rotary Club of Tapachula Centenario

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Rotary Club Tapachula Centenario 2012

Read more about this March 2012 training.

The Rotary Club of Tapachula Centenario began its first Integrated Cooking workshops in Mexico in 2001. Today Rotary Integrated Solar Cooker Projects are sustainable because there are experienced teams of Rotary members from various cities (Torreon, Salina Cruz, and Oaxaca) qualified to teach this Appropriate Technology.

Recent news and developments

16-brick rocket stove Mexico 2012

Sixteen-brick Rocket Stove

  • May 2012: Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Fresno, California, led by Wilfred and Marie Pimentel, teamed up with the Rotary Club of Tapachula Centenario, Mexico, to host a five-day integrated cooking workshop in Tapachula. This is the tenth grant project completed in Mexico by the Rotary Club of Fresno. Although only twenty students were expected to attend, ninety-one arrived on opening day to participate—a clear indication of the desperate need for affordable fuel-saving cooking devices in this region. Local instructors and expert solar cooks from Torreon and Oaxaca led the workshop. Participants learned to build three types of rocket stoves: mud and chopped grass, five gallon tin can, and sixteen brick, which were used to make tortillas. Students cut out cardboard sheets and glued them to pieces of aluminum foil to make solar panel CooKits. A variety of meat, vegetable and egg dishes were prepared with the CooKits along with desserts like pineapple upside down cake. Students also learned how to use WAPI’s to pasteurize water with a CooKit. Finally, the instructors showed their ninety-one students how easy it is to make a retained heat cooker with a pillowcases and crumpled newspaper stuffed into a woven basket. Read more...

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