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The Rotary Club of Naperville, located in Illinois, USA has been a major benefactor for charitable and community causes since its founding. Today, Naperville Rotary continues to be a generous contributor to humanitarian and other worthwhile causes in and around Naperville, as well as internationally.

Their history has included providing $110,000 USD for ten solar ovens in Honduras (including Rotary International matching funds), and ovens for the Dominican Republic.

Recent news and developments

  • March 2011: Sun Ovens International, an Illinois, USA, company, joins forces with the Rotary Club of Naperville, Illinois to help promote solar cooking for the people of Malawi, Africa. Given the economic and health struggles the country is currently facing, this population will benefit greatly from having access to safer and healthier food. The Global Sun Ovens they brought were perfect in slow cooking the “seven grains” diet given to people living with AIDS. This is a nutritious blend of seven wholesome grains that, when softened, provide patients the best nutrition without being too heavy or harsh on their digestion. Prior to the introduction of solar ovens, people would use a huge amount of fuel like charcoal or firewood to soften these grains. Now, all they have to do is to harness the power of the sun to cook their food. This minimizes their exposure to cooking fumes and the need to gather fuel. More Information...

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