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The Rotary Club of Los Altos (California), USA has been active in promoting solar cooking in Nepal, Indonesia, and Afghanistan. Many of the projects have organized by Allart Ligtenberg.

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Allart Ligtenberg(39:19)
Presented at Solar Cookers International's Shine On:2013 event, Allart Ligtenberg explains various solar cooking projects he has been involved with.
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The Los Altos Rotary 2013 Art & Wine Festival Solar Cooking Demonstration With Allart & Ineke. The message is SOLAR Cooking Saves Lives & Trees Around the World! SOLAR COOKERS heat water to a Sanitary Level, Saves Trees, Saves Lungs. FREE EFFICIENT COOKING. Chocolate Chip COOKIES, POPCORN, BREAD, LASAGNA and WATER all on display cooked from the sun.
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