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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Haines Solar Cooker]]
*[[Haines Solar Cooker]]
*[[Haines Foam Insulation Cooker]]
*[[Haines Pop-open Solar Cooker]]

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Roger Haines is a resident of San Diego, California, USA, and member of the local Rotary Club. He developed a variation of the CooKit panel cooker called the Haines Solar Cooker that uses a double curve design made from commercial plastic bubble wrap insulation. The cooker uses a clear piece of polycarbonate that wraps around the cook pot to provide a glazing enclosure.

Haines Solar Cooker

Main article: Haines Solar Cooker
Haines Cooker (Side)

Recent developments

  • May 2013: San Diego, California, Rotary Clubs have partnered with Rotary Clubs in Kenya to provide three hundred Haines Solar Cookers designed by California resident, Roger Haines for a pilot project with a community in Kenya. Director of the Kenya-based Natural Resources and Waste Management Alliance (NAREWAMA) Faustine Odaba is supervising this project. This new solar cooker design is made from commercially available, reflective bubble insulation. The plastic bag has been replaced by a thin, clear, flexible strip of polycarbonate sheeting.

See also


Roger Haines

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