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Last updated: 9 May 2011      
Recycled Cardboard Solar Cooker diagram
Recycled Cardboard Solar Cooker manufacturing

The Recycled Cardboard Parabolic Cooker design was developed in 1989 by Luis Seguel, an industrial designer working at Valparaiso Universtity in Chile. As the name implies, it uses recycled cardboard to create the structure for the reflector dish of this parabolic solar cooker. Seguel has founded the company, Solaria, to create and market products including photovoltaics, solar cookers, solar dryers, and solar hot water systems.

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  • May 2007:
Cocina Solar00:56

Cocina Solar

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Luis Seguel
Avenida Segunda 128 D, Quilpué
Valparaiso, Chile

Tel: + 56 (32) 2918986


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