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{{See|Peter Mwathi}}
{{See|Peter Mwathi}}

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  1. The product of 2 years of village based research in Tetu District, Nyeri County, Kenya.
  2. The product is probably the cheapest, most efficient and most adoptable of its kind in the society across the world. Required energy is entirely free, renewable and sustainable.
  3. A household package will heat more than 20 liters of water in 10 minutes of sun shine which is faster than wood, gas or electricity commonly used today. The heater will cook at least 10 liters of tea, coffee, cocoa or other beverages in 10 minutes, may be used in water sterilization or in preheating cooking water to save on cooking costs. Heated water may be stored in insulated containers for later use.
  4. An institutional package can preheat huge volumes of water per hour of sunshine. An average sized heater, for instance, would heat at least 3,600 liters of water per hour and at least 18 000 liters on an averagely sunny day in tropical climate, sufficient for bathing purposes of at least 1,800 students in a school or university. The pre-heated water would also be used in cooking to lower cooking costs and may be stored in insulated tanks.
  5. The household package would cost between US $10 and $20 in Kenya (Ksh 1000 and 2000), roughly the price of 6 kg of cooking gas. It can be used in residential areas as well as in the country sides and may be placed on roof-tops.
  6. The average institutional package cited above would cost US$1000 (Ksh 100 000)
- Patent application has been registered in Nairobi, Kenya.
- Product launch ceremony is set for October 22, 2011 at noon at Gichira stadium, Tetu District, Central Kenya.

The inventer, Peter Mwathi is an agricultural economist and also the inventor of the Kenya Solar Concentrator, Kenya Hybrid Solar Concentrator and the phone-based remote surveillance alarm systems in use by Central Kenya coffee farmers, traders and schools in curbing thefts, and also the chairman of RSSS Self Help Group.


See Peter Mwathi.

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