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The focus of much of the solar cooking, and integrated cooking promotion is directed at helping poor residents in countries mostly located near the equator. However, interest in solar cooking is moving beyond novelty status in developed countries. Saving energy, and enjoying the cooking experience and tastes that solar cooking offers, is creating market share in more affluent countries. The decision to try solar cooking is relatively a much smaller risk for a higher income family, as a negative outcome will not significantly affect the prosperity of the household.

Hoping to give ecotourism a boost, Holms and Friends is a company in South Africa helping the more exclusive tourist destinations to become more energy efficient, and encouraging the use of solar cookers. This type of technology placement becomes a useful way to reach potential users with resources to buy solar cookers. The products will need to offer high efficiency, durability, attractive design, and convenience. Along these lines, The Delicias del Sol restaurant, known for serving excellent solar cooked food, has become a tourist destination for the village of Villaseca, Chile. Begun in 2000 with an initial seating capacity of sixteen, the restaurant, as of 2012, seats 120. The dry central valley area receives over 300 days of sunshine a year. The tourists enjoy viewing the solar kitchen at work.

The world is becoming a warmer place, and even with resources available to pay for energy, consumers are beginning to appreciate having a non fuel-burning alternative to using their indoor kitchen ovens during hot summer seasons.

While the need may not be as extreme as providing safe drinking water, preventing deforestation, and helping to solve the high incidence of respiratory disease associated with cooking over open fires, a more mature marketplace is emerging in developed countries that will be met by enterprising manufacturers and vendors.

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