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Solar Fire - tuscani

The Solar Fire Project, officially named Projet du Feu Solaire, is a non-profit association created in Marseille (France) in December 2007 to develop and support ecological initiatives, notably in the area of solar energy. There are 16 members.

Presently we are developing the technology and searching for funds to support low tech solar projects, notably in non-industrial countries. To read more about the formation of this association read our brief history.

Our goal is to work in partnership and collaboration with other associations, organizations, foundations, and institutions.

We have made a web site to share with anyone our knowledge and expertise, as freely as possible, in the spirit of universal access to information, open source development, and community.

To continue our efforts involvement, contributions, suggestions, are indispensible.

Board: Eva Cantavenera (President), Eerik Wissenz (Vice-President), Julia Albertini (Treasurer), Cristina Webermann (Secretary)

Founding members: Julia Albertini, Eva Cantavenera, Lorin Symington, Olivier Vachez, Cristina Webermann, Eerik Wissenz.

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