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Last updated: May 26, 2008      

Project Harambee (“all pull together” in Swahili) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization helping those in sub-Saharan Africa affected by HIV. We do this in a variety of ways: 1. education here and in Africa to raise awareness. 2. health care initiatives using medical and lay volunteers. 3. microeconomics projects giving women & children a “hand up” to care for themselves without relying on a handout. 4. marketing craft items made by co-op work groups & accepting donations for our projects. 5. building communication bridges between school groups here and in Africa. HARAMBEE promotes partnership with those we want to help. The height of empowerment is the ability to empower another. Therefore, all projects we adopt require participants to give back to their community. E.g., those who receive a dairy goat give the first-born kid to another family; when teaching oral rehydration therapy for infants, we educate trainers who continue teaching when we have left. We foster good management practices, accountability, and sustainability. We have no overhead, salaries, or advertising costs, and every penny gets squeezed ‘til it begs for mercy.

News and recent developments

  • February 2008: Project Hamambee has started a solar stove project, in Naivasha, Kenya. They have cooked food and pasteurized water with no difficulty in little time. All are eager to pursue this project, as with the troubles, firewood and charcoal are more difficult to come by.


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