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Project C.O.P.E. (Community-Action On Poverty and Environment) is based in Lusaka, Zambia under the leadership of Victor Phiri. The organization is a joint venture between the Workers Education Association of Zambia and Earth Charter US. The goal is to move people who live in rural villages of Zambia out of poverty, without having to pass through the carbon economy, and into what the group calls the contentment economy, in one generation. This will mean addressing local problems in comprehensive ways.

Solar cooking can provide several ways that will help be part of the solution. They include smoke-free cooking for better respiratory health, reducing the demand fueling deforestation, and creating extra time for the women. Typically they spend long hours gathering firewood and tending fires. Using solar cookers is also an efficient way to pasteurize water.

Their program provides Integrated Cooking training, which includes the use and construction of Improved combustion stoves. The stoves are assembled from local materials and use less fuel and make less smoke than cooking over open fires, and provide the solution when cooking at night or on cloudy days.

With training they received from Solar Cookers International in the use of the CooKit solar panel cooker, since 2009 they have introduced over 100 people to solar cooking. The focus has been learning to cook traditional foods. They feel that as solar cooking becomes more accepted, businesses manufacturing and distributing solar cookers will begin to offer training workshops themselves, relieving some of the pressure on nonprofit organizations currently doing most of the training. They would like to expand their efforts to other parts of Zambia, and would welcome partnerships with other interested organizations.


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Project C.O.P.E.
Victor Phiri
Executive Director
Lusaka, 10101

Tel.: +26 0979611544

Email (Zambia):
Email (USA):

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