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Horno solar Prim-Devos-Rubio 200:57

Horno solar Prim-Devos-Rubio 2

On this page I am presenting a video of the Prim-Devos-Rubio solar cooker, a cooker I have developed from two designs, the Primrose and the Devos, to create a solar cooker with improved heat production. As you will see, it heats very well, being capable of cooking many types of food.

A couple of translated notes on the Spanish in the video:

  • The demonstration has taken place in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • The demonstration occurred while it was cloudy.
  • Notice how large the saute pan is.
  • The food has practically finished cooking in 2 hours.
  • The food tastes better than the same cooked on a stove.
  • Notice the curved mirrored reflector below the pan that directs the sunlight to the pan.

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