Last updated: 20 September 2016      
Black pressure cooker

Using a pressure cooker with a solar oven is not a well-documented area of solar thermal cooking, but there are a few points that have been introduced for consideration:

  1. Using a pressure cooker may require a powerful solar oven in order to reach the temperatures necessary for effective results. A parabolic solar cooker may be a good choice.
  2. Plastic pressure cookers designed for microwave use should be avoided in favor of metal options as the plastic cookers may deform when exposed to the heat of a solar oven.
  3. As with the traditional use of a pressure cooker, a steam valve should be used to avoid the dangers of over-pressurizing the cooker.
  4. Of course care should be taken to make sure that the pressure cooker does not build up a pressure that could be dangerous.

See this discussion in the legacy Solar Cooking Archive Discussion Groups for more information.

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