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Last updated: August 23, 2011      

It's all about power and light. With the installation of solar panels, the Sulayman Jungkung General Hospital in Gambia will have a reliable power supply to provide clean running water, power to run incubators, use electronic microscopes, and perform surgeries, day or night, when needed. Refrigeration means vaccines can be safely stored and a blood bank can be established. The hands of the hospital's staff are tied without solar panels to provide critically-needed power.

Imagine you have the power to make this happen

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News and recent developmentsEdit

  • April 2008: On Sunday, April 20th, Sanford School will participate in Power Up Gambia Festival & Energy Day at Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware. The Sanford display will showcase a variety of student projects including a solar oven, junior solar sprint cars, and solar city models. Power Up Gambia is a region-wide effort to increase awareness about renewable energy while raising funds for the installation of solar panels at a hospital in The Gambia. More info:



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