The Pop-up Solar Cooker Book is a clever invention created by middle school student Jared Mann from Christenburg, Virginia, USA. The project was submitted to the National Museum of Education's Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors in 2008, and placed in the top fifteen finalists from 2,200 entrants. The design is patterned after children's pop-up books that have displays which spring open when pages are turned. The first page opens a solar panel cooker, which Jared describes is better for heating liquids, and the second page opens a solar box cooker.

The cooker book uses bubble wrap to create the enclosure for the panel cooker, and as a glazing cover for the box cooker. The panel cooker has reached temeratures of 66 °C (150.8 °F). As with good pop-up book design, the Pop-up Solar Cooker Book folds flat for easy transport.

Audio and video

Pop-up Solar Cooker Book by Jared Mann "My first invention" -Panasonic ecoideasnet03:35

Pop-up Solar Cooker Book by Jared Mann "My first invention" -Panasonic ecoideasnet

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