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Pete Schwartz July 2014

Pete Schwarz speaking at the SCInet Solar Cooking Convention 2014

Pete Schwartz is an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California, USA. His involvement with solar cooking began in 2007, with particular interest in Scheffler Reflectors and other polar tracking heliostats. His hope is to empower people everywhere to build their own high performance solar concentrators.

He has helped organize a program at the university with the goal to build a simpler Scheffler system by laying up fiberglass parabolic reflector shells. Their tracking system employs tensioned strings that run vertically and horizontally accross the sun-gathering side. Additional study has been given to adding thermal storage to the system.

His research group has recently published in an online library a design for a polar tracking concentrator: Redirecting Sunlight with Polar Tracking in Developing Countries and Elsewhere.


Audio and video

  • September 2015:
Mast Dual Mirror Parabolic Cookers08:19

Mast Dual Mirror Parabolic Cookers

Schwartz Photovoltaic Solar Cooking07:39

Schwartz Photovoltaic Solar Cooking

  • August 2015:
Why is SCI Important to You? Pete Schwartz00:18

Why is SCI Important to You? Pete Schwartz

Pete Schwartz an Associate Professor with the Cal Poly physics department in San Luis Obispo, California, USA, quickly explains why SCI is an important resource for his teaching curriculum.

  • July 2014:
Schwartz Inexpensive, High Performance Solar Concentrators for less than $0 1 per Watt07:45

Schwartz Inexpensive, High Performance Solar Concentrators for less than $0 1 per Watt

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Pete Schwartz
1441 Iris St.
San Luis Obispo, California 93401

Tel: +1 805-756-1220


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