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Last updated: 2 July 2014      
Information on this page may no longer be current, but is retained here for archival purposes.

Pedro Solberg is a pediatrician living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He first became interested in solar cooking after seeing a demonstration in 1992, at the Rio 92 meeting. Pedro has a weekend house in an island about 150 km from Rio and go there at least twice monthly. Up to 1 year ago we had no electricity save for a generator that was used about 10 hours/month. Using solar panels, he can have refrigerators running full time.

Pedro's solar cooking is done on the early desined solar box, mostly for fish, rice and potatoes. It is a success and amazes the local fishermen.

He also has a solar oven, with a parabolic mirror, but the temperatures achieved are too high for general use, reaching 450 °C (842 °F) and melting pan handles.

Some villages in the northeastern part of Brazil would be an ideal place to disseminate solar cooking. There are high temperatures, a lack of wood for cooking, and a lack of electricity in many impoverished areas. Travel is a potential barrier as the distances are significant, 6-7 hours of bus riding. Before going there, Pedro recommends testing the local food (goat meat, black beans, corn) to research on cooking times. A very important use would be pasteurizing water and milk.


Pedro Solberg
Rua Prof. Abelardo Lobo 50, Apdo 701
Rio de Janeiro
Brazil 22470240

Tel: +55 21-2539-9569


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