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Last updated: 31 March 2016      
Paul Munsen Flickr

Paul Munsen standing beside a Villager Sun Oven

Mandela with chicken

Paul Munsen with Nelson Mandela-Demonstrating the Sun Oven in South Africa

Paul Munsen is the president of Sun Ovens International. SUN OVENS is located in Elburn, Illinois USA, and is a leading manufacturer of high quality solar cooking devices. SUN OVENS were developed to combat deforestation and slow down global warming, and are currently being used in 130 countries around the world.

Paul has been involved in solar cooking projects in developing countries on five continents and is currently involved with projects supported by:

Paul has addressed the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development at the UN Headquarters in New York. He is the past-president of the Illinois Society for International Development.

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Solar Cooking on Good Day Utah Fox 1303:57

Solar Cooking on Good Day Utah Fox 13

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See Sun Ovens International.

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