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Last updated: 9 March 2015      
2005-09-24 1319 - Première utilisation du four solaire

First use of the solar oven

IMG 0068

Cooking with the parabolic solar cooker in Brisbane

IMG 9791

Insulated box used for heat-retention cooking

I started in solar cooking in 2005 with a solar oven from Jura Sol that I bought secondhand from the Beelarong community garden in Brisbane.

In 2008, I ordered a parabolic solar cooker in India. Over the months, I experimented different dishes and ways of cooking.

This cooker is very efficient, the most efficient pot I found is a black cast iron pot.

When my friends saw the cooker, quite a few were interested to get one for them. I therefore decided, at the end of 2009, to make a bulk order of 50 cookers to the place in India where I initially bought my current parabolic solar cooker. I now find myself having a "small business" of selling solar cookers. Some cookers will be bought by some friends but there will be plenty available for the "public".

I have created a web page to describe the solar cookers I am selling.

In June 2009, I helped Stan and Jane from Sizzling Solar Systems to tend their stall at the Brisbane Greenfest. That was a great experience.

I have also built an insulated box with reclaimed materials. This box allows me to keep food warm for several hours. I can cook in the middle of the day and enjoy warm food at dinner time. This box can also be used to finish cooking. For example, I sometimes use it to cook rice; I bring the rice to boil for about 2 minutes and then put the pot into the box wrapped with a blanket, and the cooking finishes. It allows to save energy when using a conventional cooking top plate. It can also be used to make yogurt.

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Pascal Goux
Maleny, Queensland


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