Parabolic solar grill with circular support q b
The idea from this solar cooker was taken from a chair with the same tilting feature. The solar reflector is connected to two circular bars that is resting on a frame. When you need to change the position to remain in focus, you just change the position of the reflector by sliding it on the two bars on the frame.

The idea behind is that the circular bars are sharing the focal point with the reflector. It means that in every position the parabolic will have the same focus point. You don't need to change the position of the cooking pot, just push the circular bars up and down.

The two wheels on the frame serve to turn the device around. One idea is also to connect the support for the cooking pot to the frame. In this model you would also have to adjust the stand for the cooking pot as you turn the frame around.

The reflector will stay in position when the position is changed. This is due to the friction between the circular bars and the bars on the frame.

The reflector is made up a real parabola and divided into parabolic strips that is adjusted to share the same focus. This model is a conceptual design, it is not jet constructed, still it is designed and calculated accurately. This means that the parabolic sheets have a real parabolic shape and they are all sharing the same focus.

Parabolic solar grill with circular support q a

from the side

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