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See [[Calendar of events]]
==Recent News and Developments==
==Recent News and Developments==
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===Grupo de discusión Facebook===
===Grupo de discusión Facebook===
* [ Cocinillas Solares sin Fronteras]
* [ Cocinillas Solares sin Fronteras]
===Audio and video===
===Audio and video===

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Recent News and DevelopmentsEdit

The History of Solar Cooking in PanamaEdit

Two individuals are noteworthy in the promotion of solar cooking in Panama. Don Alberto Fajardo Cruz, using the name "Usando el Sol" (Using the Sun) has been building and demonstrating cookers in Panama for many years. He estimates that around 1,000 people know about cookers, with an unknown number of those using them. A colleague and collaborator, Professor Pedro Salazar of the University of Panama has recently published a small guidebook on solar cooking, dedicated to Don Alberto. The guidebook was designed to serve students who were working on field projects in marginal parts of the country, where they are also doing demonstrations of solar cooking. Professor Salazar is hopeful that at least 500 people will be introduced to solar cooking in this manner.

[Information for this section was taken originally from State of the Art of Solar Cooking by Dr. Barbara Knudson]

Climate, Culture, and Special ConsiderationsEdit

See also: Solar cooker dissemination and cultural variables



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