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[[File:PROMOSOL_cooker_fabrication.jpg|thumb|300px|Solar cookers are fabricated at the Center.]]
[[File:PROMOSOL_cooker_fabrication.jpg|thumb|300px|Solar cookers are fabricated at the Center.]]

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PROMOSOL cooker fabrication

Solar cookers are fabricated at the Center.

PROMOSOL training

On-site training programs in using the cookers.


PROMOSOL, The Center for the Promotion of Solar Energy, is a project of Christian Assemblies in Chad, founded by Irène and Andreas Zurbrügg. It is located in N'Djaména, the capitol and largest city in Chad. Their main objective is to contribute to improving living conditions for the citizens of Chad. An important part of this effort is to preserve the environment by the promotion of solar energy. They offer solar cooking opportunities at their center, which includes; on-site fabrication of cookers, training in their use, and sales.

95% of the residents in Chad still rely on wood for fuel, and deforestation is causing the desert to advance, lower the quality of the soil for growing crops, and diminish the food supply for livestock.

News and recent developments

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  • January 2011: Ten solar box cookers have recently been completed, and been placed in the hands of ten community leaders, who have just finished half of their training. Currently, there is a waiting list backlog of about sixty orders for cookers, as they try to keep pace with the enthusiastic response from the community. Once this current group is trained, they will begin in February to train others in the manufacture of the box cookers.


The Center for the Promotion of Solar Energy
BP 1111, N'Djaména

Tel. + 235 99 33 33 66

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