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Last updated: 1 September 2009      

The Oyapika parabolic solar cooker

The Oyapika and Karupika are parabolic cookers with two pivots that allow them to be turned towards the sun: one allows rotation and the other controls the angle of parabola´s elevation. It is is a high potency cooker as it is able to boil 1 liter of water in 12 minutes. It can be folded for easy transportation and can be assembled in 12 minutes. The Oyapika uses a black recipient of 16 cm, which allows it to reach temperatures of 345 ºC.



  • Diameter: 130 cm focal length: 34cm (from the deepest part of the parabola)
  • Diameter of condensing focus: 15 cm.

Weight: 8.5kg


All components are made of aluminium, with a highly reflctive aluminium laminate (aca 4250E made in U.S.A), 0.5mm thick.

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Motoharu Takizawa
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