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The Oficina Solar Tlacochahuaya is the office and demonstration center of the project Cocina Solar Mexico.

What you can see there

In the oficina solar, you can see solar cookers and dryers 'in function' and get all information you need to use them on your own. There is a mobile 2,7m2 Scheffler cooker ('Crêperie solaire'), several large solar dryers (in use for 'La Sazon del Sol' solar dryed fruit and vegetables), hot pots, ULOG cookers, SK11, 'bolsas brujas', etc.

The oficina solar also offers trainings on solar drying and cooking, PV, how to build cookers and dryers and organizes 'solar sathurdays' (all in one at a sathurday: small lecture, tour, bake your own solar crepe, solar lunch, solder your solar torch)

Location and contact

The oficina solar opens every tuesday to the public. There is a description how to find it here.

Oficina solar, Morelos 32, Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca, México   (this is not a postal address..)

See Cocina Solar Mexico.

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