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Odey Renewable Energy Technology company ltd, Nigeria is strategizing at reaching the six geo-political zones of the country by the year 2015 through teaching and promoting solar cooker usage. Especially, now that the cost of fossil fuel derivatives in the country has gone high beyond the affordance of the less privilege members of the communities, and these form the majority. Contact or negotiation is at the planning stages with stake holders ie, government and non-governmental organizations with the aim of seeking their assistance. The major constraints confronting the organization, at reaching out to the needy people of this technology, has been source of funding and sponsorship. This should be considered seriously by the HQ of Solar Cookers International (SCI).I will suggest the a letter be written to the permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Environment in Nigeria soliciting for governmental support to spread access to solar cooking in the communities, this must be copied to me for the follow up.

The reforestation program embarked upon by government has not being successful due to lack of alternative to fuelwood usage of which solar cooker stands to serve as one. Link also should extend to non-governmental agencies in the country. I believe that with the concern of SCI my program will spread faster and easily. We will also request for four wheel drive from SCI to assist us in moving our equipment and personnel to areas of demonstrations in the country. We felt we should make known our plight so that the partners in SCI should know why we have not grown beyond where we are now. We strongly believe that our request will be treated with all attention. About twelve private schools have been booked to benefit from this program in the first quarter of next year, 2011. This program will cost us 4000 US dollars. Each school has a population of over 1000 students that will all be thought solar cooking with practical demonstration of materials and cooking as well. More info and pictures of the events will be communicated to the SCI.

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User since 2000, teaching since 2001. In 2007 taught 6000, mostly in schools. Multipliers sold about 1600 cookers, mostly CooKits, and distributed 500 free. Also empowered 50 in Togo and 10 in Benin.

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Mr. Joseph Odey, CEO
PO Box 300
New Bussa, Niger State
234 Nigeria

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