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O'paybo logo, 1-1-14

O'paybo means "Awakening" in Guarani. The charitable organization is owned by Mamen Maeztu and Eneko Landaburu. Their farm and school is located in Misiones, Argentina. Also serving as a hospitality destination, they welcome visitors to come visit and stay at the combination farm and school. Through contributions they have been able to acquire solar cookers for the school, and provide needed resources to some surrounding schools as well.

Special thanks to the NGO, Green Medicine Bilbao (Basque Country) who made ​​a donation to assist in the purchase of solar cookers. Mamen and Eneko wish to improve the quality of life for people in the surrounding area, and offer ways to extend their lives as well.

O'paybo solar cooker 1, 1-2-14
O'paybo solar cooker 2, 1-2-14

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Argentina, Misiones
Leandro N. Alem (3315)
Caa Yari (Leandro N. Alem) Misiones

Tel. +54 3754 423687


Mamen Maeztu:
Eneko Landaburu:


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