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Norges Naturverforbund/Friends of the Earth Norway (FoEN) was founded in 1914 and is Norway's largest environmental conservation organization with a total of about 28,000 members. FoEN is a nationwide organization with branches in all counties, and 155 local groups scattered throughout Norway. FoEN is a democratic organization. All members can participate in the decision-making process through their local and county branches and the biannual general meeting.

FoEN believes that public participation is necessary to save our environment. Consequently information work is high on the organization's agenda. This work is aimed at strengthening public environmental awareness, concern and practice. FoEN works with the whole range of important environmental issues. This does not exclude the ability to react quickly to new challenges and focus sharply on new relevant issues when they occur. To secure this the organization has a staff of about 20 full and part-time employees. The current chair is Mr. Lars Haltbrekken. Secretary General is Mr. Tore Killingland.

FoEN's independent youth organization Nature & Youth (Natur og ungdom) has 140 and the independent children's club Eco-detectives (Miljødetektiver) 30 local branches. FoEN issues two publications:

  • Natur & Miljø (Nature & Environment) to all members four times a year. N&M is also available to subscribers and is widely used in schools and libraries.
  • Miljøjournalen (The Environment Journal) presents in-depth articles and analyzes current trends and issues. This monthly publication goes to subscribers only.

"Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature/Friends of the Earth Norway will strive to protect nature and the environment in such a way that human activity does not exceed the carrying capacity of nature.

Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature/Friends of the Earth Norway will work for a society where the people live in harmony with nature. This is a society where the basis and diversity of life is secured for future generations, and where nature's own values are the foundation of the work to increase man's respect for and love of life and landscape."

[Text for this page was taken from Norges naturvernforbund]

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Norges Naturvernforbund
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