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[[Luis Becerra]]<br>
See [[Luis Becerra]].
[[Proyectos Solares Inteligentes]]<br>
Carrera 23 Nº 23-60 1<br>
Duitama Boyaca<br>
[] or []
[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar box cooker designs]]
[[Category:Solar box cooker designs]]

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The Nevehorno uses solar energy directly and accumulates heat until reaching temperatures of 190° C. It was developed to cook both solid and liquid food products and as a passive solar fridge. The neverhorn is able to use many energy sources: solar, electricity, wood, charcoal, biomass, etc. The maximum temperature achieved through direct solar is 187.8 ºC (370°F), but the maximum temperature achieved through diffuse radiation 43.33 ºC (110°F).


Fiberglass, polyurethane, galvanized iron, aluminum and tempered glass.



  • Base: 42cm x 42cm
  • Upper section: 84cm x 84cm height: 50cm

Weight: 25 kg

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See Luis Becerra.

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