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Last updated: 8 May 2017      
NAREWAMA logo, 9-24-14
Faustine Odaba 2001

Faustine Odaba leads a solar cooking demonstration for NAREWAMA.

Firelesscollection NAREWAMA 2016

Heat-retention cookers of many different designs - Photo: Bernie Mueller

The NAREWAMA (Natural Resources and Waste Management Alliance) is a non-governmental organization working primarily in Kenya to raise solar cooking awareness, and generally teaching local community members how everyday discarded items can be recycled into useful, colorful products. The founder and director of the organization is Faustine Odaba.

Faustine began in the early 1990s as an active member and a leader of the Amagoro Housewives Group in the Busia District of western Kenya. The group obtained a solar box cooker from US Peace Corps volunteer Barbara Ross, and soon learned to be expert solar cooks. Soon they made contact with Solar Cookers International and learned to make simple solar panel cookers from cardboard and tinfoil.

In 1994, Faustine and other members of the Amagoro Housewives attended the first Kenya-wide solar cooking conference. As the only seasoned Kenyan solar cooks in attendance, they were stars of the show, overwhelming the doubts of skeptics with their first-hand experience of solar cooking success.

The group evolved into NAREWAMA, and they continue to provide solar cooking training to communities throughout Kenya. In 2013, Ms. Odaba  and traveled to Liberia at the request of Marylanders for Progress (Liberia) to introduce solar cooking to communities eager to learn about this technology.


Odaba Haines cooker at Jericho PR School 2016

Photo Bernie Müller

Faustine Odaba, in Uganda, 2-11-15

Faustine Odaba (Mama Solar) explains the use of a CooKit solar cooker.

  • February 2015: Mama Solar continues her work - Faustine Odaba, founder of NAREWAMA, gives a presentation on cooking with the CooKit in Kyamulibwa, Uganda on February 11, 2015.
  • October 4, 2014: Natural Resource and Waste management Alliance was invited to the launch of Kenya Interfaith Network on Environmental Action (KINEA); a network of faith groups that are propelled by their faith values to care for environment. The event was held at Tangaza college in Nairobi and was attended by various universities, colleges, NGOs, and religion groups. The guest of honour was Rt. Rev.Bishop Alfred Kipkoech Arap Rotich, the military ordinariate of the Catholic church in Kenya. The event was attended by over a hundred participants. KINEA engages in programs related to climate change and livelihood enhancement which include: ,promotion of tree growing faith owned/ managed institutions and land, faith based education for sustainable development(ESD), and faith based sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation programs.
  • September 25, 2014: A training of 30 Alliance women was held at coffee plaza office in Nairobi. The women were trained on solar cooking, plastic wastes recycling, and water testing. They learned about the need to be self reliant and environment conservation.
Faustine Odaba with Makerere students, 9-29-14

Faustine Odaba explains solar cooking to Makerere University students. - Bernhard Mueller

Faustine Odaba with employees of Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd., 9-29-14

Faustine Odaba explains solar cooking to employees_of_Awamu_Biomass_Energy_Ltd.- Bernhard Mueller

  • September 2014: Faustine Odaba recently demonstrated solar cooking to interested Makerere University students and to employees of Awamu Biomass Energy Ltd. in Kampala, Uganda.
Faustine Odaba workshop Nairobi, 10-10-13

Faustine Odaba and Nicholas Okeya present a solar cooking and haybasket during a festivity of the Catholic Church in Nairobi.

  • October 2013: Faustine Odaba and Nicholas Okeya present a solar cooking and haybasket during a festivity of the Catholic Church in Nairobi.

Audio and video

  • NEW: May 2017:
Kakuma refugee camp setting the pace in use of renewable energy-005:00

Kakuma refugee camp setting the pace in use of renewable energy-0

  • December 2014:
Fireless Cookers complement Solar Cookers02:09

Fireless Cookers complement Solar Cookers

  • September 2012:


Faustine Odaba an environmentalist popularly known as mama solar, uses solar energy she taps from the sun to make most of her meals.

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Faustine Odaba, Director
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