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Nathan Parry lives in the red rock desert Southwest corner of Utah, in St. George where the sun is one of the major resources in the area. He is an avid solar cooker and teaches a solar cooking class for the Community Education Program sponsored in part by the local community college, Dixie State College. He also does demonstrations and individual or group classes for any one or any entity that would be interested in learning more. He also maintains a website dedicated to solar cooking and the dissemination of all things solar cooked. You can contact him through the website

  • Nathan Parry was raised in Mt. Pleasant, Utah
  • Served two years in the US Army in West Germany
  • Served as missionary for two years in Chile
  • Owner of two businesses in St. George, Utah
  • Married to M. Patricia (Nunez Caseres) Parry
  • Parents to four Children
  • loves to work outside and in the yard
  • Teaches and promotes solar cooking full time


Me and Patricia

Nathan and Patricia Parry Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park

Solarcooked srambled eggs

Solar Scrambled Eggs

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