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Natalia Blackburn is a registered mechanical engineer and energy engineer at Partner Energy. She lives with her family in Shingle Springs, California, USA, and has been active with the Solar Cookers International organization since 1998.

Recent news and developments

  • July 2013: Our Environmental Handprint © 2013, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Presented at the 2013 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability. The IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability will be Aug. 1-2, 2013 in Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • October 2012: Natalia developed and conducted the USA Solar Survey, which began in the last quarter of 2012. The objective of this study is to develop a set of protocols to measure energy savings and dollar savings attributable to the use of solar cookers in USA residential households. Results should be available in early 2014.

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Natalia Blackburn
Shingle Springs, California

Tel.: +1 530-417-6885

Facebook: Solar Cookers International, Sacramento, California. "Go here for the buzz."
Twitter: Solar Cookers International at #USsolarcooksurvey

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