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Mueller Solartechnik is a manufacturer of several solar cookers and accessories and offers world-wide shipping.

News and recent developments

  • November 2012: Bernie Mueller finished the solar cookers manufacturing activities and limited the business to consulting, designs of new cookers, publication of various brochures and independent solar cookers tests.
  • August 2008: Mueller Solartechnik is about to launch a fresnel technology solar barbecue and looks for suppliers of concave glass lenses with a focus of -330 and -550. In case you have an idea where to obtain these lenses please reply directly to
  • April 2007: Mueller Solartechnik will soon release its latest solar box cooker, the Zèbre. It has two opposing reflectors that automatically adjust throughout the day to track the movement of the sun, using a microcomputer powered by photovoltaic cells. This allows for constant temperatures to be maintained over extended periods of time without manual adjustment. Due to the design of the cooker and placement of the reflectors, it is recommended primarily for those in equatorial regions.

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