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Michael Bonke

090507 funnelcooker

Presenting the funnel cooker

I am 55 years old, work as a self-employed web designer and my main target concerning solar cooking is to make it popular in Germany. The "SOL KOCH" conference listed in the Germany section is one step in this direction. I want to inform people, that solar cooking works here in Germany and not only in Africa or India and that it is really fun. Presently, solar cooking is kind of a hobby for me, but my activities around this topic consume more and more time and it looks as if I am inventing a new profession for myself: solar cooking promoter or something like that. I am a member of Solarkochschule e.V.

In May 2010 I started SunPod, a podcast about solar cooking and electric cars (in German language), together with a friend, who is an expert for electric mobility. Meanwhile the range of our topics has widely expanded and now we publish interviews with everybody, who helps to make this world a better place.

Recent news and developments


  • February 2012: Michael experiments with the glazing for a CooKit style panel cooker.
Michael Bonke glazing for CooKit, 2-21-12

Michael Bonke has experimented with covering the entire CooKit style cooker with a glazing film.

  • November 2011: Since he began involved with teaching in 2009, Michael has introduced solar cooking to over 300 people.

Audio and video

Solar kochen mit Michael Bonke04:31

Solar kochen mit Michael Bonke

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