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==Audio and video==
==Audio and video==
<youtube>4tI9TLRokzs</youtube><br />
[[File:Witness - Manda's Prize - 26 Sep 08 - Part 1|425px]]<br />
[[File:Witness - Manda's Prize - 26 Sep 08 - Part 2|425px]]

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A documentary has been made on a project in Zambia called the Mfuwe Solar Cooker Project. Manda Chisanga, a guide in South Luangwa National, Park won a guiding award and decided to spend his prize money on Solar Cookers. SunFire Solutions was asked to go up to Zambia and launch a Solar Cooker Project at Mfuwe - the documentary covers the installation of five SunFire14 Parabolic Dishes - the project has been expanded to 15 and we are looking at ways to get 500 Parabolic Dishes into the community to cover 6000 families. Cookers are being shared by 2 families and at present we are short of financial support to expand the project and are examining options.

Audio and videoEdit

Witness - Manda's Prize - 26 Sep 08 - Part 1(11:40)

Witness - Manda's Prize - 26 Sep 08 - Part 2(11:07)


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