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Matthew Rollins is a retired technician and inventor of several things used today world wide. One of the projects he has been working on involves observing the varying performance of a parabolic when it is moved various distances from the 'heating target'. This may provide groundwork for a version of a parabolic solar cooker that uses an easily movable reflector to maximize efficiency.

Rolens 2

Prototype movable reflector for a parabolic solar cooker.

Recent news and developments


Matthew Collins is featured in the the Coventry Telegraph promoting a local inventors' club.


The inventor's club meeting a success.

  • January 2011: Matthew Rollins, a resident of Coventry, England, has been featured in the local newspaper, the Telegraph, promoting the formation of a local inventors club. Their inaugural meeting will take place in City Council offices. Professional physicists, as well as anyone interested in the inventing process have been encouraged to attend. Rollins for his part, has helped to refine the design of a type of solar panel cooker that can be used in areas of the world facing limited fuel supplies, and suffering respiratory disease from indoor air pollution, as well as, working on a movable reflector for the parabolic solar cooker shown above. Also, with two interviews with the BBC, they are on their way to establishing the club.
  • October 2010: An article in the Coventry Telegraph discusses Matthew Rollins' efforts to make a more durable CooKit and his intention to form a local inventors' club.

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