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Jesuit Father Mathew SJ Muthuplackal was the founder director of Solar Alternatives and Associated Programmes (SAAP) in Bihar, India. SAAP conducts research, development, fabrication and installation of a variety of solar devices, including household solar cookers, community solar cookers, solar steam cooking systems, and solar food dryers. They have even developed a solar chapatti cooker. Many of SAAP's devices rely on solar concentrator technologies developed by Dr. Dieter Seifert and Wolfgang Scheffler, and the Solare Brücke organization. SAAP empowers socially and economically depressed groups through employment opportunities as fabricators, as well as vocational training programs affiliated with the National Institute of Open Schools. The state of Bihar is located in the north-eastern part of India.


M.M. Fr. Mathew S.J. Muthuplackal

Xavier Technical Institute

Sevasi, Vadodara, Gujrat


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