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Manik Parabolic Cooker, 3-20-12
Manik Parabolic Cooker
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Manik Trough Cooker, 3-20-12
Manik Trough Cooker
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Celestino Solar Funnel Cooker
Celestino Solar Funnel Cooker
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Manik Solar Innovation is a manufacturer of various solar energy appliances located in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. They offer a solar thermal hot water system as well as a small skylight for a natural lighting option. They also began manufacturing parabolic, trough, and lightweight solar panel cookers in 2006.

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Ajit news
Manik Solar Innovation workshop Punjab, 2-25-13
Solar cooking workshop with Celestino Ruivo in Punjab with over 500 attendees, 2012
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  • February 2013: Sarvesh Chadda of Maink Solar Innovations reports that along with selling solar cookers, they also have sponsored a approximately thirty solar cooking workshops each year to introduce the technology to local residents. MSI invited Celestino Ruivo from Algarve University in Portugal to come and speak at a well-attended workshop of 500 students at Jalandhar Punjab C.T. Institute Shahpur Campus Punjab.

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Manik Solar Innovation
Adda Bastian Rd.
Jalandhar, Punjab

Tel.: +91 2404454/55


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