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Lorraine Anderson is co-author (with Rick Palkovic) of *Cooking with Sunshine: The Complete Guide to Solar Cuisine* (New York: Marlowe & Company, 2006), and has taught solar cooking classes. She also edited *Sisters of the Earth: Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature* (New York: Vintage Books, 2nd ed. 2003) and co-edited *Literature and the Environment: A Reader on Nature and Culture* (New York: Pearson, 2nd ed. 2012).


  • November 2015: Wild in the Willamette: Exploring the Mid-Valley's Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas*, edited by Lorraine Anderson and Abby Metzger, came out in 2015 from OSU Press. *Earth & Eros: A Celebration in Words and Photographs*, edited by Lorraine Anderson and with photographs by Bruce Hodge, also came out in 2015, from White Cloud Press. Buy the book on Amazon...


Lorrraine Anderson
3157 NE Flintlock Place
Corvallis, Oregon 97330