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Lejofonds logo, 1-7-13

Lejofonds is a nonprofit organization based in the Netherlands founded to help the citizens of poor rural areas in Uganda. Since 2009 they have operated their successful 'Goat to Goat' program, where families with a disabled child in need of special care, can receive a pregnant goat to help provide milk and meat. Recipients will build shelters for their animals and are trained in their care.

In 2012, Lejofonds decided to start a solar cooking program as well. They began with members of their previous project in Seetah Nazigo, located in the Mukono district of Uganda. Forty families were trained in how to use their new cookers, whose distribution was subsidized by the foundation. Based on the success of this program they plan to create a similar solar cooking program for the residents of neighboring Nkonkonjeru.

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A 2012 solar cooking workshop held in the Mukono district of Uganda.

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