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Last updated: 11 May 2016      
Leéiyen logo, 11-15-14
Leéiyen teaches the use of solar box cookers and the --SODIS-- approach to water pastuerization, 11-15-14

Leéiyen teaches the use of solar box cookers and the SODIS method of water pasteurization in Cameroon, November 2014.

Leéiyen is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that began in 2014 to develop humanitarian projects pertaining to agriculture, micro-finance, environmental protection, and public health in Africa. As part of the environmental protection and public health programs, they have begun offering classes in solar cooking technology and solar water pasteurization. Early programs have been based in Cameroon. They have partnered with Engineers Without Borders - Sweden to teach the SODIS system of water pasteurization.

Vise Gilbert Chin, is the current CEO/President of Leéiyen Systems. Other key people in the organization include Kindzeka Bernard Nforgwe, Ernest Nyuysemo, Floribert Ndisome Collins, Verdzekov Divine, Lungla Azei, Ophilia Bih, and Nsofini Joachim.

Like many organizations, they wish there will improvement in uniform technology standards to allow consumers and groups be able to make informed choices when purchasing or building solar cookers.

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Vise Gilbert Chin
Bamenda, North West Region

Tel: +237 696485838
Skype: leeiyen

Twitter: @leeiyen

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