Last updated: 23 May 2016      
Lazola 3

The Lazola 3 solar box cooker

The Lazola-Initiative zur Verbreitung solaren Kochens e.V. in Paderborn, Germany is a nonprofit organization. The members are volunteers. The main objective is the development and diffusion of Lazola Stove. The Lazola initiative supports NGOs or other interested parties in the planning and implementation of Lazola solar cooker projects. Lazola itself does not conduct projects. The Lazola initiative was founded by Jo Hasler in 2003 with friends in order to advance the development of solar box cookers.

[This text was borrowed from in November of 2015.]


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Lazola-Initiative zur Verbreitung solaren Kochens e.V.
Glesekerstraße 13
33098 Paderborn

Tel: +49 (0)5251/8792520
Fax: +49 (0)5251/8792519


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