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Kyoto Energy's products range from the Kyoto Family entry-level package with solar cookers, smokeless biomass cookers, solar water heaters/cleaners and solar flashlights. This Quick Impact Package is targeted to the poor in rural or slums, as well as refugee camps in Kenya.

The Kyoto SunTrap solar water heater is the first to be made from 100% aluminum and carries a lifetime warranty.

The Kyoto Butterfly solar concentrator is designed for industrial and farm scale and provides both low-cost electricity and water / air heating in a co-generation system. Kyoto Butterfly uses the patented Kyoto Mosaic plastic mirror technology, which offers unprecedented photon distribution on the PV, cells at extreme low cost.

The Solar cooker is a US$5 cardboard solar oven with high volume manufacturing and flat pack distribution. There is a glass on top and it's painted back inside.

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Kyoto Energy
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Box 234
Kenya 01000

Tel: +254 732239948



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