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Hoskins bakes bread

2010: US Soldier builds solar cooker to cook with while stationed in Kuwait - Colin Hoskins is a US service member currently deployed in Kuwait at Camp Arifjan in 2010. In his words: Aside from a bbq grill, there are no facilities for soldiers to prepare a meal for themselves and as you can imagine Army chow soon becomes monotonous. I had the foresight to bring along a couple dutch ovens and I've made extensive use of them using charcoal as fuel. Charcoal isn't always available and safety restrictions prohibit me from using fire outside of designated areas so I could really only cook in the evenings when we had a slow day. I thought that a solar cooker would be ideal. No fire required and it would allow me to "set it and forget it". I built a panel style solar cooker using laminated foam board and 3 mil mylar. I scaled up the design by 10% so my 10 inch dutch oven would fit. Read more...

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      [Information for this section was taken originally from State of the Art of Solar Cooking by Dr. Barbara Knudson.]

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