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I have collaborated with John Amayoof Kadibo cbo in Nyanza province of Kenya in the promotion of the solar CooKit, while I was working in Vihiga District in Western Kenya. During the period at least 20 farmers purchased the solar CooKit and we had eight demos. Now I have been transfered to Bugoma South District and I wish to continue.

I also plan to transfer the same technology to the Eastern and Central Provinces of Kenya. My aim is to address food insecurity through savings made from use of fuel wood by the use of the CooKit.

I'm looking for collaboration on how we can start assembling sites in Eastern and Central kenya. I have already identified groups in the Machakos, Makueni, Kitui and Mwingi districts of which one can be trained on the assembling and production.


Julius Mutunga Kiva
P.O BOX 456
50202 CHWELE

Tel: 254735282404

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