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Kahn solar cooker
Khan's Solar Oven
Tom SponheimAdded by Tom Sponheim
Khan's Solar Oven is an oven of the solar box cooker type invented by Mr. Muhammed Yasin Khan and tested by Dr. Anwaar Ahmed, Associate Professor of Physics at the Government College Sahiwal.  The intent of the designer was to create a device that:
  1. could be used as easily as a microwave oven,
  2. could be used without the need for a transparent bag,
  3. had the capacity to cook for at least 10 persons.

The performance records of this design are at par or a shade lower than the cookers normally manufactured in the world, showing a cooker capable of reaching its maximum temperature of approximately 116.6 C (241.9 F) in approximately 3 hours.  

Yasin Khan cooker diagram1
Sunlight Interception Diagram
Tom SponheimAdded by Tom Sponheim

The Khan's Solar Oven is a double-glazed box constructed around a black sheet metal cooking box.  Two reflectors are used: one below the oven and angled so as to reflect sunlight onto the bottom of the cooking enclosure, and the other positioned on top of the cooking enclosure in a similar fashion to other solar box designs.  Because the upper reflector is extended and the box is able to receive solar radiation from almost every direction, the design does not require frequent tracking adjustments.


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