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Kawesa Mukasa is the director of the Solar Connect Association in Kampala, Uganda. His group distributed 10,000 cookers between 1994-2003 in Albertine Rift region. Solar Connect continues to train trainers and give regular demonstrations of panel and parabolic solar cookers in Kampala and other areas.

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Renewable Energy for Cooking Resource Center, Uganda, 3-3-14

Renewable Energy for Cooking Resource Center, Biharwe, Uganda

  • March 2014: Cooking Resource Center under construction in Biharwe - Kawesa Mukasa, director for the Solar Connect Association, reports that construction is underway for the Renewable Energy for Cooking Resource Center located in Biharwe, Uganda. The center will provide all types of fuel efficient cook stoves, both solar and biomass, and will be fabricated at the center. The center will also distribute information on renewable energy for cooking and train young people to create small scale enterprises in fabrication and distribution of solar cookers and efficient biomass stoves. The construction of the Renewable Energy Center is being funded by SCA with support from Solar Cooking Netherlands and Wilde Ganzen.

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