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'''Kawesa Mukasa''' is the director of the [[Solar Connect Association]] in Kampala, [[Uganda]]. His group distributed 10,000 cookers between 1994-2003 in Albertine Rift region. Solar Connect trains trainers and gives regular demonstrations of panel and parabolic solar cookers in Kampala.
'''Kawesa Mukasa''' is the director of the [[Solar Connect Association]] in Kampala, [[Uganda]].
==News and recent developments==
==See also==
*'''February 2007:''' Email report from Kawesa Mukasa: Since last July, we have made some progress in disseminating solar cookers in rural areas of western Uganda. Some three hundred [[CooKit]]s have have been distributed in the villages of Kikokwa, Ruharo and Orukiga Refugee Settlement in Mbarara District found in western Uganda. Our association is partnering with [[the KoZon Foundation]] and we are to disseminate two thousand solar cookers by 30th December 2007 in the above mentioned villages. We now use cassava paste as glue on aluminium foil for [[Cookit]]s. We make the glue ourselves. The idea is from [[the KoZon Foundation]]. We had the previledge to receive Mrs. [[Clara Thomas]] and Mr. [[Henk Crientee]] from [[Netherlands|Holland]] last December (2006) on a solar cooker field visit to our project. They were able to see a clusters of over 70 [[CooKit]]s from three villages and they were only limited by time, they could have seen many more. One organisation we supported to introduce solar cookers in Eastern Congo called [[Projet Enviromentale de Virunga]] (Pevi) is now producing solar cookers independently from the [[Solar Connect Association]] but they lack materials. This is the same thing with another one in Burundi called [[Association Burundais pour la Protection des Oiseaux]] (ABO) in Bunjumbura-Burundi. They too need cheap aluminium materials and support. We shall be grateful to hear news about your projects and activities. Let us share information actively so as to contribute in our own small way to mitigattion of climate change and conservation of our beautiful forests and savannah woodlands.
*[[Solar Connect Association]]
==Audio and video==
*'''August 2003:''' [ Audio interview with Kawesa Mukasa]
==External Links==
*'''November 2003:''' [ Solar cooking momentum in Uganda] - ''Solar Cooker Review''
*'''August 2003:''' [ An audio interview with Kawesa Mukasa] - ''The Solar Cooking Archive''
*[ Website of the Solar Connect Association]
[[Solar Connect Association]]<br />
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P.O. BOX 425<br />
[[Uganda]]<br />
Tel: +256-772-665894<br />
Office: +256-71-718005 (pending update)
Email: []<br />
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[[Category:Solar Cookers International Network members|Mukasa]]
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Kawesa Mukasa is the director of the Solar Connect Association in Kampala, Uganda.

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