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Malawi Mission Trip 2009

Pastor Andy Jones and Professor Ken Ekegren hold one of 50 solar cookers

Five members of a local church are heading to Africa for a two week mission trip at an orphan project in Malawi, the poorest nation in the world. Joy and Paster Andy Jones, Penny and Ken Ekegren, and Gary Simmons, all from First English Lutheran Church, plan to help build a dining/meeting/worship hall, and introduce solar cooking to the local villagers. Wood is a scarce and expensive fuel in Malawi, and charcoal has been banned due to deforestation. The solar cookers will enable the villagers to use free, abundant sunlight, using the solar cookers that cook like crockpots. The engineering students at North Central State College in Ken Ekegren’s Project Class spent spring quarter building and testing various solar cookers for the team to take along. The students also tested Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPI’s), devices used to indicate when water has reached 150° F, the temperature required to create safe drinking water. Local companies and individuals donated the materials for the project.

The church has supported the Kanyenyeva Orphan Project for over five years, but this will be the first visit by church members. The team will be taking 50 solar cookers and almost 100 WAPI’s, along with school supplies and toys for the orphans. Donations towards the mission trip may be sent to: Malawi Mission Trip, First English Lutheran Church, 53 Park Avenue West, Mansfield, OH 44903.

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Malawi Mission Trip
First English Lutheran Church
53 Park Avenue West
Mansfield, OH 44903

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