The KSOL is a commercial parabolic solar cooker designed by Dr. Dieter Seifert. It is built using sections of high reflection aluminium and the concentration power is so high in the focal point that can be used to cook like a conventional cooker. The grill area (situated in the focal point of the parabola) is fixed in the cooker structure and remains horizontal while the reflector moves freely over the base to be orientated directly to the sun. These solar cookers are sold dismantled in a flat package that includes all the components needed to assemble the cooker. Preparation of the pieces (filing down, folding) and assembly require a few hours. The model available is KSOL-14 (1.4 m diameter).


The reflector is made of 24 sections of polished aluminium that form the parabola when assembled. The base is made of a galvanized steel structure.



  • Cooker: 1.4m (KSOL 14)
  • Package: 127 x 23 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 19kg

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See Terra Foundation.

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